Justin Lamb is an educator, writer and a 2013 National Poetry Slam champion with Slam New Orleans (SNO). A four-time member of the nationally acclaimed Team SNO (2011-14), Justin is a two-time Slam New Orleans Grand Champion and received his M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans in 2019. He is the author of live poetry album However It Turns Out Is Perfect (2013) and chapbooks Everything Has A Place (2016) and Me & the Rest of My Heathens (2022). Justin co-founded and co-organized the New Orleans Youth Open Mic, a poetry show for New Orleans youth. He lives in New Orleans with his partner and his puppy.

“After this year’s Summer of Slam, some of us might have thought we weren’t ready for more big-performance poems quite yet… But Justin Lamb proved any non-believers one hundred percent wrong with an awesomely sincere, entertaining, and pun-filled journey…”
-Boston Poetry Slam

“Anyone who has seen Justin perform live knows that as he spits the piece, he reaches out to pull at the air around him, as if embracing not just the listening crowd, but the entire world. The CD is by turns joyful, hilarious, heartbreaking, and exhausting.”
-OffBeat Magazine

Justin Lamb by Morgan & Owens

Photo by Morgan & Owens

Photo by Paul Punzo

Photo by Paul Punzo 

Photo by Pikture Perphekt

Photo by Guy Choate

Photo by Reminisce Photography & Media, LLC.

Photo by Reminisce Photography & Media, LLC.


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